Raul Rivera Pun - Composer, Arranger, Music Director


Film composer Raul Rivera Pun was born in Lima, Peru where he studied music composition with professor Genaro Chumpitazi and peruvian composer Jorge Madueño Sr. He attended Florida Atlantic University where he earned a bachelors degree in Commercial Music – Creative Track, specializing in film composition and orchestration. He has a Masters of Arts in Music Composition, also from Florida Atlantic University where he was trained by the renown composers Dr. Stuart Glazer and Eminent Scholar Michael Zager. He also participated in different projects for FAU's record label Hoot Recordings as sound editor, assistant producer, and artistic marketing team leader.

Raul is a prolific songwriter with over 10 years of experience in music production and composition in a variety of styles, including film music, orchestral, musical theater, and popular music.